A Malosa vineyard- Éntoma

3.- A Malosa: Orientation

South and north orientations. 

7.- A Malosa: Altitude

The difference in altitude ranges from 400 to 600 metres. Every 100 metres of altitude varies by one degree, which favours the production of different wines from the same estate.

5.- A Malosa: Terraces

Pronounced slopes with a gradient of 40%. Therefore, in order to correct the slope, it was decided to terraced the whole plot, this way terraces take advantage of rainwater and the loss of land due to water erosion.  

2.- A Malosa: Soil

Different soils: extreme soil, very poor, 100% slate in the easternmost zone; more silty and clayey in the easternmost zone.   

4.- A Malosa: The plantation

 21 hectares have been planted in 4 years as a result of the purchase of more than 100 mini-plots from the farmers of Éntoma. The first 4 hectares of A Malosa were planted in 2015, and about 4 hectares are planted each year. The last ones were planted in spring 2020  

6.- The wine: Pagos del Galir Godello

[Buy the wine](https://tienda.cvne.com/en/products/91-pagos-de-galir-godello.html). Grapes used for Pagos del Galir Godello come from our premier cru A Malosa vineyard, located in Éntoma, in the Don Fiz area, in the Val do Galir. Manual harvest in 15 kg cases. Cold maceration of the grapes in large-scale refrigerators. 6 month ageing on its fine lees in stainless steel tanks.[Buy the wine.](https://tienda.cvne.com/en/products/91-pagos-de-galir-godello.html)

1.- A Malosa: Location

A Malosa is our great challenge in Valdeorras. It´s a single plot of 21 hectares located in ÉNTOMA, in the DON FIZ area, in the centre of VAL DO GALIR.