Liquid 2 Powder | PAINT CONVEYOR

Installation services

No matter where you are located in North America, Smak offers you a turnkey project, we assist you in the layout of your paint line through detailed design, engineering, manufacturing, installations, start-up and staff training.

Cleaning station

14’ x14’ manual washing station with 316 stainless steel retention basin. Fiberglass meshes floor. Design allowing dripping to facilitate wastewater recovery.

Structural GFS Batch oven

Structural GFS Batch oven. Design to support track load . 8’ x 8’ x 12’, 750 000 BTU, [Visit L2P to learn more >](

GFS Powder Coating Paint Booth

GFS Powder Coating Paint Booth (open Booth), 12’ x 8’ x 20’ de long. 10000CFM

3 stages wash process

3 stage wash with: 1 - Degreaser soap applicator (foamer), mixture made with dosing pump. Soap/water mixture, approximately 5% 2 - Rinse at medium pressure with lukewarm water. 3 - Low pressure phosphate applicator, mixture made with dosing pump. Phosphate/water mixture, approximately 5%

Retention tank

Retention basin allowing liquids from the washing room to be recovered and their PH adjusted before being returned to the sewers.

Loading / unloading zone

This station allows the loading bars to be taken out of the circuit in order to load, unload and pack. This station is often supplemented by a lifting system such as a jib, overhead crane, lifting table or a drop lift

Accumulation Lane

Accumulation Lane: Allows loading bars to be parked waiting for the next step in the process. It can also take various forms to maximize the number of bars and minimize the floor area used. [Documentation >](

Load bar

96'' long load bar hung under trolleys with rotating joint and high temperature ball bearing. The length of the load bars is personalized according to the layout and the parts to be transported. The length, capacity, height and type of trolley used are some characteristics that can be modified.

Paint gun

Paint gun and controller recessed into the wall of the paint room allowing free movement of the painter without clutter. Allows the electronic components of the control to be kept dust-free.

Paint gun unit

Vibrating powder unit. Strategically installed near the paint storage room

NIKO profile

Several profiles are available allowing a load per loading bar between 175 lb (80 Kg) and 7040 lb (3200 kg). Compared to the I-beam, the closed Niko rail requires less effort to move loads (1 to 4% of the load), keeps the bearings protected from dirt, has a lower dead load which facilitates installation suspended from a building. [Documentation >](

Crane bridge wagon

The crane bridge wagon is a piece of equipment that allows several hanging bars to be moved at the same time. It is normally used with a batch oven to quickly fill and empty the oven and reduce its cooling. [Documentation >](

End carriage

The crane bridge wagon end carriage’s are assembled with 6 ball bearings, 4 of which are vertical and 2 of which are horizontal. The horizontal bearings allow the wagon to be easily moved without risk of getting stuck. [Documentation >](

Interlock system

The interlock system between the transfer wagon and the fixed rails allows perfect alignment between the rails in order to transfer the load bars. The lock is triggered by a pusher on the main handle of the wagon.

GFS Contreol Panel

GFS control panel with SIEMENS HMI allowing the programming of more than 50 recipes. Several options available

Overhead Conveyor

Transfer wagon with 2 rails, locking system for precise alignment of the rails. Galvanized conveyor components with powder-coated steel structure.