Abadía Retuerta Winery. Historical vintages

A.-Exit to the barrel room

1.- Historical vintages

[Buy Historic Vintages](https://www.abadia-retuerta.com/tienda-vino/exclusivos/anadas-historicas/). Since 1996, the true jewels that bear witness to our history have been jealously guarded, wines that are very difficult to find and have incalculable value in our Cueva de los Monjes. The objective is to be able to observe, evaluate and enjoy the growth and maturation of the wine in the bottle for as many years as possible. These are wines that are already very difficult to find outside the winery, wines that practically do not exist. [Buy Historic Vintages](https://www.abadia-retuerta.com/tienda-vino/exclusivos/anadas-historicas/)