Retuerta LeDomaine Abbey. Wellness & spa sanctuary

8.- Spa suite

Enjoy [here]( privacy and the complete facilities of our "Selección Especial" Spa Suite with magnificent views of the interior garden.For this reason, it is the ideal refuge for a special celebration or to enjoy a romantic retreat as a couple, as it is the ideal setting for those who crave maximum privacy.An exclusive 80 square meter space where you can relax to enjoy treatments simultaneous couples and make use of facilities such as the lacquered wood whirlpool bathtub from the prestigious Italian brand Laguna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, experience showers with aromatherapy and at the same time taste a selection of teas, seasonal fruit and a bottle of cava.

6.- Bahut Sideboard

Unique piece by [Mira Nakashima]( (daughter of Goerge Nakashima). George embraced the traditional Japanese building principle called "ki-mon" - respect for nature and the use of indigenous materials - while experimenting with new innovations

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5.- Conoid Bank

Unique piece by Mira Nakashima (daughter of George Nakashima). Handcrafted to order, respecting the soul and spirit of the tree (in Japanese Kodama), the essence and character of the wood, and the carpenter's dedication to his craft.

2.- Spa Sommelier

[Discover our Spa Sommelier](, where the notions of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and its elements are combined: Wind, Fire, Water and Air; with the powerful healing properties of Aromatherapy.

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