SAE Institute Cologne

Career Advisors

Our team of career advisors offers you support via phone, email, social media and personal appointments to give you all the information about our courses you might need.

Game Art

For the Game Art department the Practice Area is the heart of the campus, as the software and hardware needed to bring ideas to life is located here. Make your first experiences in this field at our free workshops: [click here for the events](

Games Programming

You want to learn how to turn a thrilling game idea into a gripping gameplay through proper programming? Join the Department of Games Programming! Make your first experiences in this field at our free workshops: [click here for the events](


The supervisors from all departments can be found here round-the-clock during the opening hours. They are specialized SAE alumni that are here to provide the students with support for their projects.


Our brochures show you all the content our various study programmes have to offer. Whether you want to do your diploma or bachelor course - in here you can find all the study details you need. [click here for the brochures](

Meeting Room

In here, we take our time to answer all your questions about studying at SAE Cologne. We will explain the course structure of our modules and show you the work of our alumni. You can also make an appointment online. [Chat or meet your Career Advisor](

Student Lounge

Do you need a break or are you waiting for members of your group project? The well appointed Student Lounge provides a range of comfortable places to sit or lie down, make a snack or hang around at the end of the day.

Visual FX

Visual FX students create film shots in the greenbox that are later combined with digital 3D worlds in postproduction. Those who are filmed in the greenbox can be anywhere in the finished film, whether in a desert, a big city or on the moon. There are no limits to the imagination. Make your first experiences in this field at our free workshops: [click here for the events](

Greenscreen & MoCap

Welcome to our greenscreen studio! This space provides everything you'll need for your film and VFX productions. This room also provides a funtional motion capturing system (OptiTrack).

Booked Equipment

Students have access to a variety of photo- and video cameras, tripods, light units, etc. Booked equipment gets picked up here.


The work of SAE students and alumni is widely recognized and awarded! Watch this year's SAE Award show and see the amazing work of the global SAE community.

Practice Area

Here is the interdisciplinary Practice Area with fully-equipped workstations. This is where students bring practical projects to life and where they also receive support from the supervisors.


A strong network is an extremely important asset for a successful start to your career in media. Job offers and collaborations for all fields can be found here!


In the Library you find selected literature of your field and a quiet space to study or relax.


Get an insight into campus life at the free workshops or the Open Campus events! At these events, you will have the opportunity to speak with lecturers, educational advisors, current students and senior staff. [click here for the events](

VR Lab

Our Immersive Lab owns a great variety of VR and AR gear - including an Ocolus Go, HTC Vive glasses, a Micrsofot Hololens 2 as well as an Ultimaker 3 3D printer.

Visual FX

Our visual FX-workstations (and cohesive rendering-units) provide you with perfect requirements for your VFX projects.

Film Editing Suite

Our film students use these workstations in order to start their editing process. The workstations offer software for color correction, cutting and editing video material (before finishing steps can be done in our "Blackbox").

Seminar room 2

This seminar room can be used for group projects, seminars and brainstormings.


Our on-site cinema hall provides enough space for up to 50 students. In this room you will find yourself during classes, student project presentations and "Meet The Professionals" workshop events. The so called "Auditorium" is a also great place for relaxing movie nights.


Welcome at SAE Institute Cologne. Our 2000qm campus is the heart of Cologne's media industry.

Regie 1 – Rock ’n’ Roll

This studio is available for all audio engineering students after they started their 3rd semester. The analog Neve 88RS console contains 48 channels and is distinctive in its unmistakeable Neve sound.

Regie 2 – 3D Audio

Welcome in the world of 3D audio- and music production! The Frauenhofer IDMT based and developed Auralite 3D audio system is notably in its 19.1 system.

4k Blackbox

Equiped with a powerful Mac Pro our 100% dimmable "Blackbox" is available for every Visual FX and Digital Film Student. It is the perfect spot for your final color grading!

Regie 3 – Audient

This studio is used by our audio engineering students in order to learn an analog signal flow. The studio's core is its 36-channel Audient ASP8024 console.

Regie 4 – Sound Lab

It doesn't matter if you are into electronic music production or multimedia sound design: this studio owns a variety of external synthesizers as well as an extensive sound library.

Regie 5 – Surround Studio

The 5.1 surround sound studio is the perfect place for producing and mixing audiobooks, game- and moviesound as well as giving your productions their fine sanding.

HI Office

The head instructors office can be found here. They are managing the departments and are available to give support and feedback during their office hours.

Meet the head instructor of Digital Film Production


An intriguing cover art can help promote an Artist, reach more fans and generate new ones! That´s why Music Business students can book the greenbox for photoshoots with their artists.

Meet the head instructor of Audio Production

Meet the head instructor of Music Business

Meet the head instructor of cross media production

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[Here you come directly into the other building](,-1.39&ss=97&m=niT2WtWvuJg)

Event Engineering

You will learn live sound, effective event technology and professional event design in the Event Engineering course, but you will not only be on campus, but also at the venue - for example in the club. Find out more about the contents of the new Event Engineering course.

Software Engineering

Software development is not just about coding. In the edit area, it' sure you'll always find people to challenge your ideas. Learn more about the contents of the new Software Engineering course.