pronorm showroom

glass cabinets in height 144 cm

Y-OS 183 organic stratus grey ER ancient oak carmine red

Plus points for ergonomics and storage space

Split dishwasher front (Y-line)

proTech 2.0 & Planero

proTech 2.0 anthracite

high cabinet with 2 interior pull-out

LED fitted ring light (68 mm drilling hole)

Y-OS 183 organic stratus grey ER ancient oak carmine red

Just as you wish: carcase colour

Access door with dragging plinth

Wardrobe elements

ER 8050 ancient oak black Y-OS 183 organic stratus grey

organic glass

folding pocket door

tall unit glass cabinets

waste bin system for doors

MU 187 matt lacquer stratus grey

X-CA 049 Zaha CA 049 Zaha

Inspired by nature

OneTouch Plus

Wall boards 50mm, back lit

integrated plinth ventilation at the fridge

Y-ME 3202 effect lacquer copper

Y-VU 695 Sherwood dark brown


black LED built-in light

ceiling frame


X-KG 8100 oak basalt grey brushed KG 8100 oak basalt grey brushed

raised dishwaher

hanging cabinet

backlighted shelves

RI 127 matt lacquer arctic white GE 464 Clear glass crittall style

25 mm Pilasters

Back panel in set-off colour „Tarsie“

X-EV 8170 oak truffle grey GE 464 black matt, black glass

Exquisitely designed

waste container behind revolving door in sink cabinet

front panel for undermount wine cooler

proTech 2.0 anthracite

Y-MP 1252 arctic white ultra matt MP 1252 arctic white ultra matt

Splendid style

divided dishwasher front

back panel for glass cabinet in metallic ferro

recess in front material metallic ferro

Push-to-open (drilled-in E-TOT)

TU 3400 jade green EI 8183 oak Angora grey

pendant luminaire 180 cm

wall unit with fitted light

Drawer division system

wall shelf

VU 9000 Nero Chalet Y-VA 3300 Galvano Portland

glass cabinet with glass sides

MP 3392 carbon grey ultra matt VU 8200 urban oak

Superbly designed

worktop with flush-fit sink

wall shelf with illumination

Stand alone

Practical storage options in the drawer

Drawer division system

X-OS 3143 organic titanium EE 912 open grain oak black

Opening support

organic glass

Niche elements

proTech 2.0 & Planero

Y-VU 8150 Vicenza Oak MP 3112 pebble grey ultra matt

glass cabinet with glass sides

worktop with flush fittings

X-MP 3212 Steelbrush gold ultra matt LH 606 gloss light grey

Wall units in 144 cm height

Wine glass cabinet with wooden shelves

Aluminium-handle profile illumination

X-line+plus: Plus points for ergonomics and storage space

KS 7090 walnut mondial MP 542 black ultra matt

Elegance inspired by nature

backlighted shelves


Tall unit

built-in socket, round, black

i-luminate Q-LM 3382 matt lacquer caramel beige Q-EI 8170 oak truffle grey

Wall mounted cabinets

Glass shelfs in Parsol grey

GU-wall units with invisible hinge

i-luminate floating moments


vertical handle profile

horizontal handle profile

Study: Living elements

MP 3332 Sahara beige ultra matt EK 8190 smoked oak dark

wall units as Y-line

wall unit - base shelf

closing-showcase as base cabinet

EV 8183 oak Angora grey LM 2502 matt lacquer sand GE 035 brushed brass Parsol grey glass

TU 3120 platinum grey VU 7060 urban walnut

Cabinets for laundry sorting

plinth step

Cabinet for beverage storage

Shoe cabinet

GE 464 Parsol grey glass Y-MP 3122 platinum grey

Passionate impulsive

GE-Frame in 464 black with Parsol grey glass

Y-EI 912 open grain PS 3144 organic gloss titanium

Fascinating Facets

proTech 2.0 titanium

Y-OS 4003 organic black EK 7050 Larch MP 3162 stratus grey pearl ultra matt

tall units with pocket doors

X-TU 3320 ice blue TU 3320 ice blue

organic glass-roller shutter cupboards

socket AZ 1156, black

corner top cabinet hinged door and shelf board pull-out

VC 3440 brown steel EI 912 open grain oak black

Focus on organic shapes

curved Fronts in EI

curved plinth in veneer

30 Inch-cabinets for appliances

X-ME 3452 effect lacquer bronze VC 9050 blackwood

Appealing Perspectives

wine cooler front with cutout

C-profile with ventilation & central support

180 cm wide continous front

adjustable glass shelves in Parsol grey

Wall mounted glass cabinet

EI 8130 Oak trend MP 3292 Angora grey ultra matt

proline128+plus: Plus points for ergonomics and storage space.

Front with cutout for wine cooler

EI: Front with vertical grooves

MP 3122 platinum grey ultra matt EV 8100 oak basalt grey brushed

Illumination shelves

Living element

GE fronts in various glass options

Y-LM 3372 matt lacquer quartz grey VU 9040 Eucalipto dark

recess channel light 439

Towel holder for Y-line


Tall unit

Coffee cup holder in cutlery insert (walnut)

X-OS 3353 organic champagne OS 3353 organic champagne GE 035 brushed brass

Spectacular Inside

wall unit showcase

Sense of Touch

Drawer organisation system

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X-line: C-profile available in 11 different colours

closing-showcase as base cabinet

Sense of Touch

Catalogue (D-GB-ES)

Catalogue (D-NL-FR)

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