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Career Advisors

Our team of career advisors offers you support via phone, email, social media and personal appointments to give you all the information about our courses you might need.

Meeting Room

In here, we take our time to answer all your questions about studying at SAE Stuttgart. We will explain the course structure of our modules and show you the work of our alumni. You can also make an appointment online. [Chat or meet your Career Advisor](

Student Lounge

Do you need a break or are you waiting for members of your group project? The well appointed Student Lounge provides a range of comfortable places to sit or lie down, make a snack or hang around at the end of the day.

Greenscreen Studio

Our Greenscreen-Studio is not only used to work on projects, but also for practicing or simply playing around with our equipment - especially for students from the Digital Film, Cross Media and Visual Effects department.


An intriguing cover art can help promote an Artist, reach more fans and generate new ones! That´s why Music Business students can book the greenbox for photoshoots with their artists.

Visual FX

Visual FX students create film shots in the greenbox that are later combined with digital 3D worlds in postproduction. Those who are filmed in the greenbox can be anywhere in the finished film, whether in a desert, a big city or on the moon. There are no limits to the imagination. Make your first experiences in this field at our free workshops: [click here for the events](

Booked Equipment

Here you can find everything a filmmaker's heart desires. In addition to our movie cameras such as the Arri Amira or RED Scarlet X, you will also find a camera drone, a 360° camera and a lot of livestreaming equipment. Of course, sufficient spotlights and LEDs have been provided for, and a dolly, crane and Steadicam are also part of the party. Of course you shouldn’t forget the sound equipment, otherwise there will only be silent films.


The work of SAE students and alumni is widely recognized and awarded! Watch this year's SAE Award show and see the amazing work of the global SAE community

Work Space

Looking for a space to work in silence or discuss your group projects? The project rooms give you the perfect environment for such occasions!


In the Library you find selected literature of your field and a quiet space to study or relax.


The supervisors from all departments can be found here round-the-clock during the opening hours. They are specialized SAE alumni that are here to provide the students with support for their projects.

Game Art

For the Game Art department the Practice Area is the heart of the campus, as the software and hardware needed to bring ideas to life is located here. Make your first experiences in this field at our free workshops: [click here for the events](

Games Programming

You want to learn how to turn a thrilling game idea into a gripping gameplay through proper programming? Join the Department of Games Programming! Make your first experiences in this field at our free workshops: [click here for the events](

Academic Coordinators

The Academic Coordinators, who helps with all administrative matters can be found here!


Our brochures show you all the content our various study programmes have to offer. Whether you want to do your diploma or bachelor course - in here you can find all the study details you need. [click here for the brochures](


Get an insight into campus life at the free workshops or the Open Campus events! At these events, you will have the opportunity to speak with lecturers, educational advisors, current students and senior staff. [click here for the events](


This studio is used for post-production, especially for 5.1 surround mixing.

Regie 1 / D-Command

The heart of this control room is the D-Command, a DAW controller used to remotely control the audio software. „Regie 1“ is a post-production studio and is primarily used for film sound surround mixing. Recordings can also take place here, since the small recording room can be connected to the studio.

Regie 2 / Audient

The control room 2 is home to an analog mixing console. The Audient also has analog effects units. This studio is connected to the large recording room.

Regie 3 / 01V

The main focus in this studio is electronic music production. Equipped with external synthesizers, controllers and software such as „Ableton Live“, students learn the basics of electronic music production.

small recording room

This recording room is suitable for recording individual musicians or vocalists. Here, the signals can be routed to three of our four control rooms in the classic analog way. A variety of microphones and instruments are available for recording.

large recording room

This recording room is suitable for individual recordings as well as recording several musicians simultaneously. Here, the signals can be routed directly to our „Regie 2“. A variety of microphones and instruments are available for recording.

In addition to the equipment in our studios, students can use additional audio equipment such as microphones, cables, headphones, and more in their recording sessions! A part of this equipment can also be borrowed by students for off-campus recordings.

Film Edit Suite

This room is where our filmmakers get together to talk about their projects in peace and quiet. In contrast to the edit area, there are panels for color grading and significantly fewer workstations, which is why a large part of the post-production takes place here.

Color Grading Suite

Our Color Grading Suite has been overhauled in 2019. It used to be the lounge in here. Nowadays, it's known as the cinema room. The most powerful computer here on campus immediately creates a premiere feeling with the huge reference monitor.

Our green screen room is equipped with studio lighting to provide clean background-less shots. Due to the retractable backgrounds, not only interviews but also photo shoots take place here. Furthermore, our film equipment is located here.

Iron Man

Even Iron Man is a student at our campus in Stuttgart.

Meet the head instructor of Digital Film Production

Welcome at SAE Institute Stuttgart

Practice Area

Here is the interdisciplinary Practice Area with fully-equipped workstations. This is where students bring practical projects to life and where they also receive support from the supervisors.

Meet the head instructor of Audio Production

Class room Memphis

Class room localhost

Class room Kutaragi

Class room Jimi Hendrix

Class room Metropolis

Meet the head instructor of Music Business

Software Engineering

Software development is not just about coding. In the edit area, it' sure you'll always find people to challenge your ideas. Learn more about the contents of the new Software Engineering course.

Event Engineering

You will learn live sound, effective event technology and professional event design in the Event Engineering course, but you will not only be on campus, but also at the venue - for example in the club. Find out more about the contents of the new Event Engineering course.