Carpenters Technical College Commercial Dive School

Visitor Entrance

Welcome to the Carpenters Technical College Commercial Dive School!

History of Diving

When you step into our Dive Center in Sicklerville, you're stepping into a legacy.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Saturation diving is a diving technique that allows divers to work at great depths for extended periods of time. Traditional diving techniques involve ascending and decompressing regularly to avoid the bends (decompression sickness). But with saturation diving, divers can stay submerged at working depths for days or even weeks.

Classroom: Dive Safety and Equipment Handling

Safety remains at the forefront of our teachings. Students are immersed in the world of dive equipment, learning its intricacies, maintenance, and safe handling.

Classroom: Training for the Depths

Underwater construction presents its unique challenges and rewards. Central to this is the art of pile driving beneath the waves. Students delve into the mechanics and techniques vital to ensuring the stability of submerged structures, readying them for real-world applications in marine construction.

Classroom: Dive Theory and Principles

Welcome to the heart of dive education. In this classroom, students delve deep into the core principles of diving.

Welcome to our Lake and Dock Area

Here is where hands on training comes into play.

View from Above

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Open Water Diving

Open diving is a world apart from your typical scuba experience. As our trainee plunges into our sprawling 25-acre lake, he's tethered to the surface not just by a line, but by a lifeline of communication and air supply hoses. This isn't just about breathing underwater; it's about staying connected, continuously monitoring, and ensuring every movement counts.

Underwater Welding

Ever thought about welding underwater? It's not easy, but it's one of the coolest jobs out there. At the Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Technical College, we'll teach you how to do it right.

Our 26-Acre Training Lake Tour

Take a ride out on our expansive 26-acre training lake, with depths reaching up to 60 feet. Below the surface, students encounter submerged infrastructure, from waste and exhaust pipes to foundational elements. Salvageable structures like sunken boats are also part of the exercises new students will encounter as they begin to understand the diverse underwater challenges awaiting them in their new career.[CLICK HERE](,-.97&ss=123&m=nzwAWqdx4xz)

Have a Look Under the Surface

Click the "360" icon to take a closer look at what our divers experience once they descend into the lake.

This Way to the Classrooms

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Hyperbaric Chambers

Click the "360 Symbol" to experience what being sealed in a chamber feels like!A hyperbaric chamber is a sealed compartment that can withstand high pressures. It's used in both medical treatments and in the diving industry. For diving, the primary use is for decompression, especially in the case of saturation diving as mentioned above.When saturation divers finish their work shift at depth, they return to a diving bell which is then sealed and raised to the surface. The bell is then mated with the hyperbaric chamber system on the support vessel or platform. Divers transfer to the chamber, where they live and sleep until their next shift or until their decompression is complete.In a medical context, hyperbaric chambers are used for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Patients breathe 100% oxygen at pressures greater than one atmosphere absolute. This can speed the healing process for wounds, help treat decompression sickness, and serve several other medical purposes.

You're Out on the Water!

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