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Stallion phantom Hannover

The stallion phantoms have been designed to combine highest security for the stallion and the collection technician with the best possible comfort. [Read more](

Warming cabinet/Universal oven

For drying, warming and sterilization of lab materials. [Read more](

Water bath

With angular lid and electronic temperature control. [Read more](

Photometer SDM 1

Compact, highly accurate photometer developed for measuring sperm concentrations. [Read more](

Laboratory heating plate

For keeping samples, media, plastic and glassware warm. [Read more](

Video AndroVision®: CASA software with PC and monitor

Centrifuge Minitube with swing out rotor

Centrifuge for stallion semen to concentrate the ejaculate. [Read more](

Minitube transport box for chilled stallion semen

Transport box, made of highly insulating neopor. [Read more](

Sterivar, low pressure steam sterilizer

Low pressure sterilizer, specially designed for artificial vaginas and accessories. [Read more](

Aspiration and flushing pump for equine OPU

Ultrasound probe holder for equine OPU

For transvaginal oocyte aspiration in mares. [Read more](

EquiPlus OPU recovery medium

For collection of equine oocytes. [Read more](

Equine VIT-Kit

Vitrification kit for direct transfer vitrification of equine embryos. [Read more](

Stereo-zoom microscope

Developed for use at universities, laboratories and industry. [Read more](

Micropipettor for embryo handling

Easy and precise pipetting by handling wheel, for all sizes of capillary tubes up to 1 ml. [Read more](

EquiHold, holding medium for equine embryos

For washing and storage of in vivo equine embryos in atmospheric airs.  [Read more](

EquiFlush, embryo recovery medium

Ready-to-use medium for equine embryo recovery.  [Read more](

EmSafe system for embryo collection

All-in-one dual purpose filter and search dish that requires no attention during flushing procedure. [Read more](

Embryo flushing catheters for mares

All sizes allow high flow of flushing media in combination with high-flow Y-junction. [Read more](

MiniThaw thawing unit

With lift, electronic control unit and digital temperature display. [Read more](

Equine Universal IUI pipette with inner catheter

For deep intrauterine insemination with small volumes of liquid semen, if straws can not be used.  [Read more](

Equine Universal AI pipette

Suitable for liquid and frozen-thawed semen in 0.5 ml straws. [Read more](

Polansky vaginal speculum for mares

Vaginal speculum with 3 blades. [Read more](

Insemination glove

[Read more](

MiniCutter for semen straws

Precise cut of 0.25 and 0.5 ml straws. [Read more](

Disposable speculum

Length: 43 cm, inner diameter: 3 cm, sterilized. [Read more](

Minitube media library

Catalogs, Technical Reports, SpermNotes®... [Read more](

IceCube, automatic freezer

Compact, computer controlled biological freezer for semen and embryos, with comfortable data input and automatic recording of the freezing curve. [Read more](

SBS CryoSystem Spectrum

The SBS CryoSystem consists of a range of Spectrum freezing extenders, which feature different cryoprotectants and specific different egg yolk or milk content. [Read more](

SBS CryoSystem Spectrum test freeze kit

The Spectrum concept allows to identify the best freezing extender for each individual stallion.  [Read more](

Freezing unit for straws

Made of a styrofoam box of high quality, an inner container of stainless steel and a floating rack, compact and easy to handle. [Read more](

Video MultiCoder, printer for straws, goblets and more

Video MPP Uno, automatic filling and sealing machine for semen straws

Video SFS, semiautomatic filling and sealing machine

Video Minitube straws

Video EasyCoder, automatic printer

Hannover equine artificial vagina

Robust tubular rubber casing with rounded openings, includes small valve. [Read more](

Missouri equine artificial vagina

Double latex liner with valve assembly which allows air to be added for adjustment of inner pressure. [Read more](

Nylon semen filter Colorado

[Read more](

Equine semen filter pouch

[Read more](

ReproJelly, non-spermicidal lubricant

Ideal viscosity to better coat gloves, artificial vaginas, AI pipettes and instruments.  [Read more](

Semen collection glove

For hygienic collection of semen, non-spermicidal, latex free, powder free. [Read more](

Thermometer for artificial vagina

[Read more](

EasyCult, for bacterial analysis

For the hygiene control in the semen laboratory. [Read more](

Electronic precision scale

For the determination of the ejaculate volume or for weighing out extender. [Read more](

Video Minitube Group

Disposable counting chamber

For semen concentration measurement with CASA systems, i.e. AndroVision®. [Read more](

Centrifuge medium for equine semen

Powder for 1 l transparent EDTA-glucose solution, without antibiotic. [Read more](

EquiPlus Powder, equine semen extender

Balanced medium for preservation of sperm activity up to 72 hours. Designed for 5°C storage and transport. [Read more](

EquiPlus Liquid, equine semen extender

Balanced medium for preservation of sperm activity up to 72 hours. Designed for 5°C storage and transport.  [Read more](


Protects sperm during centrifugation. [Read more](

Y-junction tubing, large lumen, spike port

[Read more](

Equine ET pipette for 0.5 ml straws

Metal tip with side opening, flexible, single packed, sterilized, single use. [Read more](

Embryo Transfer and Oocyte Recovery/OPU/TVA

[Read more](

Uterus culture swab

With introduction pipette and pre-perforated cap for sampling without risk of contamination. [Read more](

Insemination and Diagnostics

[Read more](

Semen Freezing and Cryostorage

[Read more](

Semen Straw Processing

[Read more](

SpermNotes Equine

Jute transport box for chilled semen

For stallion and dog semen, 100% compostable. [Read more](

Thermal electric box for fresh semen transport

The thermal electric box for fresh semen transport is designed to maximize the quality and shelf life of semen doses by maintaining a constant temperature. [Read more](

EquiPlus Combi, equine semen extender

Balanced medium for preservation of sperm activity up to 72 hours. Designed for 5°C storage and transport.  [Read more](

Programmable semen storage unit

With the support of the programmable controller, the semen storage unit can cool semen straws or other goods according to a defined curve.  [Read more](

AndroVision® Analysis Report

Catalog Equine

Beyond®: The extender for long-term storage of chilled stallion semen

Equine semen extender for long-term storage of chilled semen at +5°C and optionally at +17°C. Ready to use in 100 ml bottles. [Read more](

AndroScope, mobile semen analysis unit

AndroScope is a compact mobile CASA system that is based on AndroVision® and allows to analyze semen samples anywhere. Device and accessories are compactly stowed in one case. [Read more](

Video AndroVision®: CASA software with PC and monitor

Highly precise automated system for computerized semen analysis. 
Read more

Aspiration and flushing pump for equine OPU

OPU pump for follicle aspiration and flushing, oocyte collection in mares with durable casing.
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Video MultiCoder, printer for straws, goblets and more

First and only system for semi-automatic direct print on lab items (semen straws, goblets, cassettes, culture dishes, marking labels and many more).
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Video MPP Uno, automatic filling and sealing machine for semen straws

Seals and fills 1 straw per cycle (ideal for handling small volumes).
Read more

Video SFS, semiautomatic filling and sealing machine

Safe and hygienic filling and sealing system for semen straws, using metal or glass sealing balls.
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Video Minitube straws

Minitube straws are the basis of your reproduction success, designed to containing valuable genetics of bulls, stallions, dogs, rams and of many other domestic and wild animal species.
Medium straws

Video EasyCoder, automatic printer

Thermal transfer printer with automatic straw supply.
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Video Minitube Group

Minitube products and services reach customers in over 170 countries around the globe. We are represented by a world-wide comprehensive network of regional partners and subsidiaries.
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SpermNotes Equine

AndroVision® Analysis Report

Catalog Equine