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Digitisation Battery handling

LifeTech – technologies for the life sciences

Growing and ageing populations, increasing risk of illness and global mobility call for cost-effective healthcare solutions. The demand for suitable preventative healthcare and diagnostic procedures is also on the rise. The LifeTech division at Festo provides forward-looking answers – with innovative solutions for medical technology and laboratory automation. We support manufacturers of laboratory and medical devices with solutions that deliver precise and reproducible results.[Web page](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/solutions/industry-segments/life-sciences-id_128139/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Laboratory Technology - Inspirator

In the past, only a few industries produced in cleanrooms – today, you will encounter cleanroom productions not only in electronics and photovoltaic manufacturing, medical technology or the semiconductor industry. Numerous other industries also need components that are fit for use in cleanrooms. The most important thing can be found here. The trade fair exhibit shows the combination of factory automation with a life science application. Individual process steps such as storing and feeding parts, opening and closing vessels and dispensing a liquid are linked in a fully automated manner. In order to transfer parts from one station to another and position them, the Festo cobot with MRC functionality is used, which hands over the individualised hand disinfection spray to you. !!! System can only be used in combination with D-LT2104 and D-RO2101 !!!

About Festo

Each and every day at Festo, we pursue the goal of making tomorrow's working world more productive, simpler and more sustainable. That's why we develop solutions for automation and technical education that prepare people, companies and organisations for the digital future in production, and for new technologies.[Here you can find more information on our Website](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo-id_3847/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Electric Motion Sizing

Core Range DSNU-S "La ola"

Highly precise coordination captivates and fascinates us time and again, in show business as well. Whether a group of dancers or a crowd of football fans is involved: motion which is precisely coordinated in time and space results in a new type of motion – modulated motion. In this display, the agents of this motion are cylinders DSNU-S and ADN-S. Actuated by the valve terminal VTUG, they cause the ball to circulate.

Festo Cobot – with cutting-edge pneumatic technology inside!

The cutaway model shows the Festo Cobot without hull, revealing the technology inside. The Festo cobot derives many of its advantages from the benefits of pneumatics – for example sensitivity, low weight and excellent value for the money. The direct drives in the six articulated joints are very cost-effective and particularly lightweight because, unlike electric solutions, no heavy gear units or expensive force-torque sensors are required. • Pneumatic rotary drive with two compressed air chambers • Pressure sensors and displacement encoder continuously measure the actual values and transmit them to the safety PCB • Controller is integrated in the base of the cobot – no control cabinet needed • A unit with four piezo valves pressurises and exhausts the rotary drive in the articulated joint. [Here you can find more information on our Website](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo/research-and-development/festo-cobot-id_1379474/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Experience Sustainability


Progress in Motion

Digitalisation and sustainability are the focal points of the Hannover Messe 2022. The most important industrial trade fair worldwide creates a real incentive for the transformation of the economy and industry – towards digitised, climate-neutral and sustainable value creation. We look forward to welcoming you, our customers and partners, to this year's trade fair. We promise to show you exciting topics, innovative solutions and engage in great discussions with you about increased productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability.[Web page](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo/trade-fairs-and-events/hannover-messe-2022-id_651158/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Bionic Learning Network

In the everyday factory environment, automation technology takes care of typical tasks such as gripping, moving and positioning goods, as well as controlling and regulating processes. Nature finds simple and energy-efficient solutions for all of these tasks as a matter of course. So what could be better than looking at natural phenomena and learning from them? This is why we set up an international research network in 2006 with renowned universities and institutes, development companies and private inventors: the Bionic Learning Network. Find out more about the network and click your way through our future concepts from recent years.[Web page](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo/research-and-development/bionic-learning-network-id_31842/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)


In a world of production that is changing ever more quickly, it is good to have a reliable automation partner. What have we done to continue to be a dependable partner for you in the future? You can see some of the results – especially new products – on these pages. We have also introduced many new production and logistics processes, so that your products arrive even faster, regardless of how or where you ordered them.[Web page](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/products/highlights-id_651422/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

New motors and controllers

Technical education

We are the world's leading provider of technical education. As a global partner for educational institutes, governments, public institutions and companies, we design and establish training centres and laboratories, as well as learning systems and training programmes. We systematically prepare skilled professionals for working in dynamic and complex environments.[Here you can find more information on our Website.](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/technical-education-id_3776/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Festo Cobot – programming robots has never been this easy be

The exhibit shows how easy it is to operate the world's first pneumatic cobot. Even non specialists can create robot programs for the Festo Cobot quickly and easily in no time at all. The user interface in Robotic Suite permits intuitive interaction with the robot. A simple pick & place application can be programmed in just a few minutes. • Icon-based programming combined with manual teach-in of waypoints • Basic functions, so calles "skills", can be arranged in a timeline simply by dragging and dropping, just like in an editing program for video films • To teach the waypoints, the cobot can be guided by hand to the required position[Here you can find more information on our Website](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo/research-and-development/festo-cobot-id_1379474/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

New motors

Battery Module Pack Handling

Safe-Gripping, Safe-Mounting, E-mobility, Battery-handling -intelligent transport and handling systems for optimized material flow -inline quality monitoring -cloud-based networking of various manufacturing sites for decentralized on-demand manufacturing

VTEM - Bending Device

Conventional, manual multi-pressure control and the digitalised solution using the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM are compared in this bending jig. The digital solution makes the application highly flexible and tamperproof, as well as extraordinarily compact through the use of high-end technology. Furthermore, the VTEM integrates itself into the master controller's architecture via all common fieldbus protocols. The characteristic pressure curve can be adapted to the process. Integrated sensors make the process intelligible and deviations are detected and corrected immediately. Presets can be used to changeover formats extremely quickly at the touch of a button.

Controlled Pneumatics

The exhibit shows a comparison of three different drives used for the same application: a mass of 15 kg is moved from end position to end position within 0.5 seconds over a 400 mm stroke. - Comparison of (1) electric drive solution with CMMT and ESBF, (2) exhaust-air throttled pneumatics with MPA and (3) demand-oriented pneumatics with VTEM and corresponding motion apps - Significant differences are apparent with regard to compressed air and energy consumption, investment costs, space requirements and end-position performance of the three drives. - Even compared to a well-designed drive with exhaust air flow control, the Controlled Pneumatics solution with Motion Terminal VTEM reduces consumption by up to 70% because compressed air is supplied in absolute accordance with actual demand – exactly as much as necessary for the required motion.

Comparison VTEM and CPX

How much energy can I save in the overall system if I use controlled pneumatics instead of standard pneumatics when handling ampoules? You can use the flip function to switch back and forth between the two variants. This function shows the respective energy consumption on the display. Controlled Pneumatics realizes exactly the same function, is more cost-effective due to less use of programmable hardware - and consumes 55% less compressed air. The use of intelligent pneumatics thus opens up new potential for saving energy in the utilization phase. Highlight Products: CPX, VTEM

Fast and reliable battery cell production

Degassing and sealing of battery cells are core processes in battery production. Handling solutions from Festo ensure a reliable and dynamic process, including inspection and labelling. Pneumatic and electric actuators are used to pierce and seal the battery cells.

"Double" workstation

2x PC workstation with 42" screen, ideal for exhibition webShell, dashboard view, digital products


Improved reliability and productivity:Festo Motion Terminal in process automationPneumatics goes digital! The Festo Motion Terminal for applications in process automation offers many advantages: Control of process valves with Motion Apps ensures the best possible reproducibility, reduced system complexity through standardisation, reduced installation cost for processing systems, increased energy efficiency and improved process control. Last but not least, it significantly reduces the number of required components.

Pipetting and Control

-Demonstrating a total package including control for precise pipetting function. To include the ability to use function blocks for LLD, blockage detection, viscosity determination and parameter change on the fly. -Add BOJ: Important is to show the real process with water pipetting. Including Tip-Ejection for DHOP and using our pipette tips. -standard motion systems/ dimensions suitable for easy and safe transport -eventually an additional display showing software related USP´s -plus function blocks in a separate display -desktop applications like cytena/ dispendix etc.

Success story Corc


This display simulates the process of primary packaging called "Horizontal flow wrapping". It consists in unwinding a plastic film from a roll, formina a tube with longitudunal sealing and then bag forming with transversal roraring knives at the same time that the product comes on a conveyor belt.

Festo Automation Suite

The Festo Automation Suite brings together the parameterisation, programming and maintenance of electronic Festo devices in a single software package. Currently several applications have to be used for products. In the future, however, users will be able to carry out all commissioning and maintenance tasks with a single software package. This results in significant simplification and time savings especially when several devices are used. The Festo Automation Suite is thus a central part of the new automation platform from Festo.

Festo Cobot – for numerous, diverse tasks and quick changes

The application demonstrates the loading and unloading of a machine tool. The pick & place process is very similar, for example when assembling test devices in PCB production. Simple integration and the low weight of Festo's cobot enable quick task changeovers and relocationing. This permits highly flexible usage. • Highly flexible in applications • No control cabinet required: controller integrated in the base, simple push-in connectors • Lightweight and compact: weighing less than 17 kg • easy to transport to new locations without any tools[Here you can find more information on our Website](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo/research-and-development/festo-cobot-id_1379474/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Experience Digital Learning

LabAutomation System Modular teaching and research platform

With the new LabAutomation system, scientific and technically oriented employees in laboratories learn to think in an interdisciplinary way and to solve complex problems together in the laboratory. The system fully reproduces an ELISA test. Thus, learning is not abstract, but hands-on and with the help of a common laboratory process. The four modules allow interdisciplinary learning and exploration of all process steps relevant for ELISA testing.

Festo Welding Gun Monitoring

Failure-based? Or predictive? A predictive maintenance strategy makes your welding guns more productive. Because welding guns need to be spot-on, reliable and efficient to be economical.

Press comparison

A single application – and you have three technologies at your disposal to ideally fulfil the associated requirements. Each technology has its own unique strengths and fulfils different requirements within the application. Consequently, you fulfil your press requirements precisely in accordance with your own specific needs – in a technology-independent manner.

Digitisation CPX-AP-I

Simplified Motion Series

Compact, integrated and simple to operate actuators are ideal for simple linear- and roraty movements between two end positions in many applications and industry segments. Be it sorting and moving of workpieces, lifting or transferring of products, or clamping and pressing – the new integrated Simplified Motion Series units master these applications with ease


Automated handling of the sample vessel A gripper takes the isolated vacuette (4ml) and holds it in front of the camera for identification. After opening the sample is taken with a pipette and pipetted into a microtiter plate. Finally the sample tube closed again and put back on the tape. In addition to Festo components, components from third-party suppliers are also used. These are already taken into account during engineering and are based on the wishes of the OEM.


The angklung is an widespread instrument in South East Asia, made of bamboo.Here automatical played by an Automation system CPX, solenoid valves MHE and fluidic muscles DMSP

Experience Digitalization

Welcome to working at Festo

Our intelligent solutions for factory and process automation inspire our customers all over the world, while our employees enjoy a high level of design freedom. As an independent family-owned company, we offer you excellent prospects for turning your ideas into reality. After all, innovation requires freedom and a sense of security. And we need you. So we would like to invite you to learn more about us as an employer on the following pages. [Here you can find more information on our Website.](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/careers/festo-as-an-employer-id_32345/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)[](https://static.matterport.com/workshop/

Hannover Messe 2022 | Progress in Motion

Seamless Connectivity - Linear and rotative movements in electrics and pneumatics

Economic, simple and flexible, end-to-end automation – this is a basic requirement for a wide variety of applications in assembly technology and the electronics industry, as well as for test and inspection systems and in packaging technology. In the application shown here, USB memory sticks are removed from storage and fed to a production process using a rotating plate. The exhibit is representative of storage and retrieval processes, the feeding parts to assembly processes and for testing, filling packages and installing components to modules. All motion and tasks, from the gripper and pick & place right on up to the rotating plate, are electrically operated and consistently automated in interaction with the servo drive, remote I/O and controller.

Media Switching

Media-separated valves VYKA, VYKB, VYKC and VZDB are used for handling very small quantities of liquids (from µl to approx. 2 l/min) and aggressive gases. They are characterized by their media separation and the resulting properties of being leak and particle free, as well as the use of inert materials that come into contact with the media.What happens on the exhibit? In this setup, a switching cycle is shown where liquids are transported from A to B by means of "pressure-over-liquid". They are metered into the target vessel by means of a needle. In the second step, compressed air is used to "blow through" the end line and the needle. Immediately afterwards, or even in parallel with "blowing through", the liquid line is switched from pressure to vacuum, and the medium is transported from B to A. If the container on the right side (B) is empty, the game starts all over again - it can theoretically be operated indefinitely without refilling liquids, as it is a circuit.

4.0 Handling with IOT

#higherproductivity - produce more efficiently with Festo AX (Automation Experience) Find out what Festo AX can do for you already today with the high-speed 5-axis gantry including functions for bonding, drilling and lasering. Thanks to our open web applications with modular design, you'll be able to network and digitalise your production processes across plants in the future – and make manufacturing even more efficient. From planning and design right on up to maintenance, we support you with relevant modules for increasing productivity. The result is an all-round package for modern production 4.0. For an optimal use of the exhibit you still need the possibility to present the IOT services. Please use our PC counters or PC workstations with the software already installed and all other Festo applications.

Corporate responsibility

Sustainable business practices and lifestyles are the core elements of a forward-looking life together on our planet. Reconciling economic and environmental considerations is a multigenerational undertaking and is each individual's responsibility. We understand corporate responsibility (CR) as our economic, environmental and social contribution to sustainable development. Our activities are aligned with those UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are especially relevant to Festo.[Here you can find more information on our Website](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo/sustainability-and-responsibility/corporate-responsibility-id_3698/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Servo drive CMMT-AS with input shaping - Less vibrations for optimised and efficient solutions

Integrated vibration compensation: the servo drives CMMT-AS are equipped with an integrated software function that helps to suppress mechanical vibration. The benefi ts to you: • Optimum, low-vibration motion sequence thanks to intelligent servo drive control • Optimised cycle times thanks to short settling times • Stable performance even with varying loads • Also suitable for multi-axis systems

Discover Smart Automation

SupraCube - Compact stand-alone levitation module

SupraCube: separation of superconductor and cooling The SupraCube is the first SupraMotion concept from Festo in which the superconductor unit can be separated from the electric cooler and operate autonomously for up to two hours. This compact technology enables the contactless movement and handling of objects – ideal for industries with the most stringent cleaning and cleanliness standards, such as laboratory automation, biotechnology or semiconductor production.


The exhibit demonstrates energy-saving measures implemented in pneumatic and electric automation solutions. If a component is in motion, the icon for the energy-saving tip lights up and an animation at the screen explains the respective tip and indicates potential savings. - Choose the right components (pneumatic vs. electric drive) - Correct sizing of drives by using our engineering tools - Reduce weight of moving masses (e.g. with pneumatic Z-axis on handling system) - Recover energy (e.g. with servo drive controller CMMT-AS) - Reduce tube lengths - Switch off power (e.g. with energy efficiency module MSE6-C2M ) - Reduce pressure level (1 bar less pressure saves up to 10% energy)



Algae are small climate savers. Even in their natural state they are extremely efficient photosynthesizers and absorb ten times more carbon dioxide (CO₂) than land plants. In bioreactors equipped with appropriate sensors, control technology and automation, the efficiency of algae can be increased to a hundred times that of land plants. This shows that they have a significant potential for a climate-neutral circular economy. With the PhotoBionicCell research project we are demonstrating a potential approach for industrial biologisation in the future.[Here you can find more informations on our Website.](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/about-festo/research-and-development/bionic-learning-network/photobioniccell-id_1330847/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Bionic E-Trunk

Elephant trunk as model. With the Bionic E-Trunk our developers have taken the idea of miniaturisation further and have implemented electrically driven natural movements for the first time.[](https://static.matterport.com/workshop/


Automation solutions for electromobility

The automotive industry is changing. Electric mobility is part of the future and the number of electric cars and commercial vehicles is set to continue growing. Established processes, structures as well as value and supply chains are evolving. New drive and vehicle concepts increasingly require production technologies that are not only flexible but also intelligent and energy efficient. Set up flexible production lines in next to no time and benefit from our outstanding engineering and industry sector expertise to ensure that your production is future proof and reliable. We look forward to getting your projects moving with the perfect solutions for the complete powertrain.[Here you can find more information on our Website.](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/solutions/industry-segments/automotive-industry/automation-solutions-for-electromobility-id_1134999/?siteUid=fox_de&siteName=Festo+DE)

Automation for battery manufacturing

Wherever you manufacture your batteries, Festo is there for you. We provide the right expertise and products, and excellent service to match, too. And we have proven ourselves many times over in a multitude of projects for leading battery manufacturers. As a single source supplier for all tasks, we offer a complete range of copper-free, zinc-free and dry-room-compatible components for battery manufacturing.[Here you can finde more information on our Website.](https://www.festo.com/de/en/e/solutions/industry-segments/electronics-industry/battery-manufacturing-id_6949/)

Battery Degassing and Sealing

Degassing and sealing are core processes in battery cell production. They take place immediately after initial contacting of the battery cells with electrical voltage, and involve piercing the battery cells with lances and extracting the forming gas produced during contacting. Once all the gas has been extracted, the cells are sealed again. This is typically done using thermal welding or ultrasonic welding. Handling solutions from Festo ensure a reliable and dynamic process, all the way to inspection and labelling. The remote I/O system CPX-AP-I looks after all communication, from the workpiece to the cloud.